Friday, July 29, 2011

Coffee on the Go

I'm a coffee addict and frankly speaking, I can't go on a day without my caffeine fix. For health reasons, I'm starting to reduce my daily intake to only a cup a day but sometimes I just can't help it I will drink more.. When you gotta drink, you got to drink!

The thing is sometimes I find myself really lazy to make one, plus, I prefer the cold ones and as a result I always end up buying the canned ones in bulk. If you really like coffee as much as I do, then, you gotta try Suntory Boss Luxury Time! It comes in many types but I like mocha best. Whenever I'm on the go, it's my best friend! The best thing about it is you can buy it in bulk and have it at any time of the day, anywhere without hassle and it never goes stale! ;)

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yaya|azura said...

I suka BOSS Short Break. Nyummmeh! p/s: I am not a coffee addict but I simply love that one particular coffee. :D

Aida Ikmal said...

yup yup short break latte best gak :D