Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not Again :(

I really have no idea why my car is so accident-prone! This is like the umptieth time my car has ever involved in any accident - major or minor.

So it goes like this.. I was driving to work when I hit something hard and sharp on the road. I didn't notice it at all. Heard the sound but I thought it was nothing major so I kept on driving untillll.. I realised the air-cond was not working, then I knew something was very wrong. I drove slowly when I saw the car temp was escalating.

When I arrived at school, I quickly checked my car and apart from the dents, one of the fog lights came out of the socket! I informed Hubby immediately and asked him to take a look at it (thank god he's not working today) and he confirmed that there is a leakage in the radiator and condenser! He later sent it to the workshop for repairs; after all it's no longer safe to drive a car with a leaking radiator. So there goes my 1/2 month bonus T.T

I'm gonna be car-less for a few days that's for sure but I'm glad I'm okay and that I'll go to school in Hubby's FD2R today onwards! :p

P/s: Sudah ketentuanNya..


ez@din said...

aku pun baru jer mencalarkan kesucian kete vios din..bengong tul org tu jln sempit tp x mo undur dok gak mencelah kat tepi..aku dh agak x lepas..aku nk undur kat blakang ada kete..pas tu zreeesss...tercalar suda...owner (din)ckp x pe la,janji jgn lggar org suda....pas tu fobia jap nk drive

Aida Ikmal said...

kalau calar balar tu huh dah memang biasa sangat dah.. nak wat camne malaysia ni banyak sangat orang yang selfish on the road