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Pengalaman Mengandung Luar Rahim @ Ectopic Pregnancy (Part 1)

In light of the recent event, I've decided to start blogging again. This experience is too shocking and too significant to not be blogged about, so, yeah, here I am.

Although my period is irregular, I still loyally do the UPT from time to time.. and guess what.. on the evening of 31st October, I finally saw double lines! I did the UPT thrice to make sure I wasn't dreaming haha.. I went to see my GP on the following day and she confirmed that I was pregnant. PREGNANT!! Imagine how I felt that day, I mean, hubby and I have been waiting for this good news for god knows how long (we've been married for 5+ years) and at long last, we got what we wanted. My GP started me on folic acid, methyldopa for my high blood pressure and asked me to start drinking milk and eat healthily since I'm eating for two now! She also got me scheduled for my next ultrasound scan because, sadly, she couldn't see anything on the screen yet but claimed it might be too early to see anything yet. So, there's that. 

My actual UPT strips (sorry if it seems gross)

That went on for approximately one week before I started to have some light bleeding accompanied by cramps. A friend told me that it's normal to spot during early pregnancy and asked me to rest a lot and avoid physical activities. I did that but my instinct told me otherwise. So I went to see another GP cos my usual is closed on Sundays. Again, she couldn't see anything on the ultrasound. This got me really worried cos the last time I did a digital UPT, I'm at least 5 weeks+ pregnant. She scheduled me for another ultrasound scan and prescribed me Duphaston, Untuk kuatkan rahim katanya. Just like my friend, she suggested bed rest and told me to limit physical activities and avoid certain food that could harm the pregnancy. Ok, fine. After all, who would have minded a couple of days off from work righttt?

Blood. (again, sorry if this seems gross)

On Tuesday (11th Nov), the bleeding didn't show any sign it'll cease so I went to see Dr. Haslinda, an OB/GYN specialist at KPMC, where I did my first IUI which was of no avail. Her diagnosis was similar to the previous GP's. She did both the ultrasound scan and TVS yet seen nothing, except a thickened uterine lining (due to pregnancy). She told me about the possibility of a miscarriage or worst, ectopic pregnancy.. Ok, now I'm freaking out. Still, she said not to worry as long as there is no abdominal pain or heavy bleeding.

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Our happiness was short-lived for I woke up on Wednesday (12th Nov) with really bad cramps and sharp pain in my stomach. I had some bleeding too. Hubby rushed me to the emergency department when I couldn't stop crying. Seriously, it was that bad. I was injected with painkillers and the pain subsided eventually. Dr. Haslinda did another TVS and again, she saw nothing, but new knowledge came to light, it was that I felt painful pulses in my lower left abdomen when she inserted the probe. The nurse took my blood sample to measure my hCG (pregnancy hormone) level and I had to do another UPT to confirm my pregnancy. And whoa, the painkillers made me really drowsy and sleepy, and I dozed off, in the hope that everything would be better when I wake up...

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Well, it was one hell of a day cos things surely didn't get any better that night. The blood test indicated a high level of hCG (4000+), the UPT indicated I was indeed pregnant, and another TVS proved that it was, in fact, an ECTOPIC PREGNANCY! Ectopic here means the fertilised egg implants outside the uterus, in my case, my left tube, as this was where I felt the pain. Since there's no way a baby could grow in the tube or be moved into the uterus, plus the possibility of haemorrhage that can be fatal, ending the pregnancy (meaning operation) is the only option. Macam nak gugur jantung upon hearing the doctor's explanation... I mean, miscarriage, that, I can accept (I've experienced it once in 2010), cos it only means I'll just lose my baby and I could always try again, but in my case, the left tube had to be removed as well as the abdominal pain and bleeding that I experienced indicate the tube has started to rupture, and that without prompt treatment, can lead to death. At that time, rasa nak menangis, menjerit, throw tantrums semua ada, tapi aku simpan jejauh dalam hati.. Sebab? Takde guna aku buat semua tu sebab ia takkan merubah apa-apa.. cos in the end, the baby and tube NEED to be removed.. Ini ujian untuk aku dan suami, dan aku harus redha... 

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To be continued......

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