Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Ada apa dengan nombor 30? 30 hari mencari cinta? 30 bulan? or 30 tahun?

Actually hari ni merupakan my parents' anniversary yang ke 30 tahun, yup, that's right.  Memang bukan senang nak sampai ke tahap ini and I'm sure macam-macam cabaran dan dugaan yang Ma and Abah lalui but you guys got through it anyway! Dulu-dulu waktu bujang trang tang tang, wedding/marriage is something that I always look forward to, tapi bila yours truly dah melaluinya sendiri, aku akui memang tak mudah dan perlukan banyak kesabaran dan toleransi. I guess I've learnt a lot from you guys and I hope hubby and I can be as blissfully married!

Congratulations buat Abah and Mama for reaching the 3 series in the marriage category. Semoga kasih sayang Ma dan Abah terus mekar sampai bila-bila, insyallah!

Our little family :)

Wordless Wednesday - Not Found

Kalau jadi camni, korang panik tak??

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Shopping

Is there such thing as "book shopping"? There is, according to the BBW Book Sale! The biggest book sale (as I mentioned here) started on the 7th till the 23rd this month. 3 millions books ranging from fiction, self-help, children, cook books to encyclopaedias and reference books are up for grabs and the good thing is they are CHEAP (75%-95% off) y'all - so don't miss this chance! The grand opening was from 7th - 9th December with a non-stop opening hours for a total of 63 hours (Mission 63) .

I went there on the 7th itself, geared with a luggage - yes, a luggage, which is a great idea considering how heavy all the books can be by the end of the book shopping. The queue for the cashier was superrrr long from morning till late afternoon so if you're planning to go, I'd suggest go in the evening coz the queue isn't gonna be as long, but of course, you can always go early and take your time to go through every aisle and browse through every book and pay later in the evening (like I did). Oh did I mention there's a storage counter, food court, toilets and surau for your convenience? Anyways, I heard the traffic there is almost standstill even at night - didn't know that Malaysians are THAT crazy about book sales!

Yeahhh almost there!

What it was like in the exhibition hall~
I particularly like the yellow banner - LOL!!

I even ran into an old friend! It was good seeing you, Ereen! We really must see each other more often :)

Lookie, lookie, the damage has been done hukhukhuk.. 

Before sorting

After sorting

I bought a 'luggageful' of books for myself (34 to be precise! itu pun berniat nak beli lagi tapi malangnya dah tak muat nak letak dalam luggage heheh) and it is worth every penny spent. Just one problem though - I have no idea where to place them all coz my existing bookcases are already filled with books! Kena la beli bookcase baru kan Hubbyyyyy? ^^

For more info or updates, please visit the BBW Facebook page here.

Wordless Wednesday - Packing

Aren't we all like this - even a little?! :p

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jikalau Berhajat...

Di dalam Islam, ada doa untuk segala-galanya. Kalau agak-agak anda berhajatkan sesuatu especially bila nak minta tolong daripada orang lain, bacalah doa di bawah ini semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan dan hajat kita, insyaallah :) (agak-agak tak berapa nampak sila la click pic tu bagi besar)

p/s:  Kadang-kadang kita lupa pasal the power of doa.

Subtle Curiosity

Does it piss you off when you're in a place like work and the like and people start asking you personal questions about yourself, your family, house, car, finances etc ? I simply hate it! I always wonder if they're being nosy or that they really care or if they're just making conversation. Are they, like, comparing themselves to me?? Then, aku paling tak suka when they start making conclusions/assumptions based on your response. What were they thinking?? One conversation and we're BFFs?? Tu belum kira yang suka spread the info to others and say things about me behind my back.

I try not to be rude and all (or dianggap sombong or 'kekwat') especially when you ignore them or tell them off, so the best defence has gotta be playing clueless and stop giving TMI (too much information)! Well, maybe I'm being a bit harsh, maybe it really is just a way for them to talk to you and get to know you better but of course you can tell if people are not comfortable answering those questions, can't you?

So, the next time when people ask you personal questions you're reluctant to answer or keep prodding you for personal information, just say you don't know or that you don't remember and the like. Keep things as vague as possible and act really clueless and leave the rest to their imagination. Trust me, it certainly works against unwanted questions!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Cantik jugak tarikh hari ni ye, walaupun tak secantik semalam (12.12.12). What makes it even MORE special is that it's my birthday! Yay! Happy birthday to me yang ke sweet 17 gitu. Eh. Hahahahahahahaa betul laaa ;-)

Anywayssss, you know what I like most about birthdays besides surprises, cakes, wishes and presents? FREEBIES/BIRTHDAY PRIVILEGES!! Bukan la nak jadi cheapskate ke ape, tapi sapa tak suka benda free kan? Lagipun setahun sekali je nak dapat all these privileges! :-)

1. GSC Movie ticket on your birthday month (for GSC website members)

  • print out the Birthday Coupon Treat from GSC site, fill up the details and redeem! (just tunjuk IC untuk verify)
  • valid on any day on your birthday month! (takde la rushing nak tengok on your bday itself)
  • yang tak syoknya valid for movie marked asterisk only

2. Starbucks Free Slice of Cake (for Starbucks Card members)

  • 1 complimentary slice of cake with a purchase of any handcrafted beverage during your birthday month

3. Sing for Free at Red Box (for Red Box card members)

  • Present your IC & member card. Any K session; Min. 1 head charge applies; limited 1 free pax per room per visit; unlimited visit!
  • Valid 3 days before & after your birthday actual day (unlimited visits are allowed)
  • Valid at any Red Box, Green Box, Red Box Ria & Red Box Plus Outlets

4. Tutti Frutti birthday promotion

  • Enjoy your birthday special on your birthday at 20% discount for one cup/person in a single receipt for the birthday boy or birthday girl! Show your IC / Passport to verify your birth date.
  • Valid on your birthday only.

5. Birthday discount at The Body Shop (The Body Shop card members)

  • Enjoy 25% off discount for your birthday at The Body Shop.
  • Valid upon flashing SMS and good for one-time use only during your birthday month.
  • Valid at any The Body Shop® store in West Malaysia only.

6. Parkson Discount Voucher (for Bonuslink Card members)

  • Voucher ni okay tapi banyak T&C huhuhu
  • Present your BonusLink card, IC and the email print-out at any parkson Customer Service Counter within your birthday month to redeem the voucher.
  • Valid with a purchase of RM250 and above in a single receipt within your birthday month.

(Source: ILoveFreebies, Starbucks and BonusLink)

Ini yang biasa aku look forward to during my birthday month lah.. ada apa-apa yang aku tak tau/miss out ke? Lemme know ye hehehe

Ok, nak pi makan kek sat. Babai! ;-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Ada Berani?

p/s: Usaha tangga kejayaan.

Jangan Sombong!

As cliché as it may sound, we, human, are not perfect dan tak lepas dari membuat kesalahan, intentionally or unintentionally, especially when it comes to things that we are, have or have achieved. 

Apa-apapun yang kita lakukan, sentiasa beristighfar dan rendah diri kerana keenam-enam perkara di atas datangnya dari Allah so anytime je Dia boleh tarik balik semua tu. Let's stay modest and be reminded that there will always be people who are smarter, richer, prettier or more powerful than we are out there. Moga kita dijauhkan dari sifat riak dan takabur, amin!

Kawan-kawan, if I'm anywhere near there, tolong ingatkan aku eh! (eh. cam lagu Ana Raffali lak hehe)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Istanbul Aku Datang vs. LBS: Katerina

Taking a break from all the TTC talk to write about these two movies - which one is better and worth watching?


Apa yang best cerita ni?

Jalan cerita sangat menarik, fresh dan terkesan di hati (ini penting sebab a good movie bagi aku mampu buat kita rasa sedih, happy, ketawa, romantik, malu, marah, geram etc.) - ala-ala filem rom-com (romantic comedy) omputih which aku memang suka. Lain daripada filem-filem tempatan yang sedia ada, maklum lah aku bukan suka sangat tengok filem tempatan sebab tak up to expectations every time. Anyways, walaupun cerita  ni agak cliche/predictable tapi garapan pengarahnya membuatkan cerita ni tak bosan ditengok berulang kali - seriously! Plot dia pulak smooth je, transition dari scene ke scene sangat mudah diikuti dan difahami, tak macam LBS yang banyak jumping scenes - tak sempat nak feel gitu haha bleh?

Another thing yang best about this movie adalah pelakon-pelakonnya. Lisa sebagai teraju utama memang sangat sesuai dengan watak Dian yang comel, manja dan agak gedik. Outfit dia dalam filem ni sangat comel - kudos to the costume manager. Beto pun walaupun tak hensem mana tapi sangat menjiwai watak dia yang ala-ala nerd tapi sweet and romantic towards the end. Part dia marah-marah tu memang funny dan menjadi. A natural. Tomok as Azad- err, no comment (yet). Housemate Azad, Nadim, sangat menghiburkan walaupun muncul sekali dua je. Mamat Turki yang amek kesempatan kat Dian tu pandai berlakon hehe..

Pastu lokasi pengambaran filem ni sangat best dan cantik hingga membuatkan korang nak pegi Istanbul sekarang ni gak! Hahaha. Biasa filem Malaysia buat pengambaran di UK, Aussie, NZ, or Mekah/Madinah so ada kelainan sikit la filem ni. Bila dia gunakan orang local sebagai pelakon tambahan rasa lebih 'dekat' dengan culture lokasi pengambaran tu. Takdelah macam sesetengah drama/filem yang berlakon kat overseas tapi pelakon semua orang Malaysia gak dan takde scenes melibatkan local culture - baik berlakon kat Malaysia je. Next, muzik latar sangat best dan sesuai dengan scene masing-masing! 

Apa yang tak best?

Kekuatan cerita ni lebih kepada Lisa dan Beto (selain jalan cerita) sebab Tomok sebagai another teraju utama memang tak boleh berlakon! Nampak kaku and awkward. Bila Tomok start cakap je aku mula rasa nak tergelak coz nampak tak natural and dibuat-buat. Bab watak dia dok feeling-feeling dengan Lisa lagi lah tak menjadi coz Lisa nampak lebih tua dari dia though Tomok memang lebih tua dari segi umur.

Another thing is, cerita ni sekejap sangat! Walaupun puas hati tengok filem ni as a whole tapi rasanya everything moves too fast gitu.


Apa yang best cerita ni?

Entah.. ada ke? Hakhak..

Apa yang tak best?

Banyakkkk.. in fact kitorang dok kutuk je cite ni dari awal sampai habis hahahahahaha... First sekali, jalan cerita tak menarik.. well, maybe coz ikut buku yang mana jalan ceritanya relevan pada zaman tu tapi tak sesuai pada zaman sekarang. Agak old school gitu so sedikit bosan. Ni pendapat aku la. Cerita pun tak sesedih or terkesan di hati cam filem pertama though cerita first pun takdelah best mana tapi still better than the sequel. Part anak dia mati je yang aku rasa sedih - pandai budak kecik tu berlakon hakhak. Oopss.. spoiler alert! 

Anyways, paling aku tak enjoy cerita ni is banyak jumping scenes dan cara plot dihubungkan tak smooth langsung! Cepat sangat sampai tak sempat nak feeling gitu, kadang-kadang rasa tak faham pun ada. Pastu ada banyak benda yang tak tally dengan filem pertama. Contohnya, dalam filem pertama, Kate dan Kasyah tak bercinta pun kan? Kate kita tau memang suka Kasyah tapi Kasyah? Tup-tup dalam Katerina, dedua dah jatuh cinta bagai awal-awal kat Bhutan padahal entah scene mana yang tunjuk Kasyah mula jatuh cinta dengan Kate? Sedikit konfius di situ ya.

Next, gabungan Farid and Maya as teraju utama tak kena. Takde chemistry langsung! Nampak sangat awkward bila dorang berlakon sekali. Maya pun as usual BM tak fasih sangat so bila dia cakap cepat-cepat or nak cuba feeling, it just doesn't work. Cara berlakon cam baca berita - sebijik-sebijik cakap, tak natural langsung rasanya. Plus, Maya nampak lebih tua dari Farid. Watak Bront as a psycho ex-boyfriend gak yang menjadi. Watak lelain, sorry nak cakap, semua tak menjadi - dari mak bapak si Kate ke Zahirah, PA Kate yang penggoda itu.

Muzik latar utama tak dapat dikenalpasti, dan kalau ada pun tak best compared to filem pertama or Ombak Rindu yang sangat terkesan di hati dan sesuai dengan jalan cerita.

As a conclusion?

Bagi aku, filem yang best adalah filem yang rasa sangat real seolah-olah ianya memang wujud somewhere out there walaupun konsepnya surreal. So, kalau nak cerita yang 'natural', light and enjoyable, go for Istanbul Aku Datang yang mana korang tengok banyak kali pun tak bosan. Nak cerita yang agak heavy, intense and jiwang-loaded and agak tak 'natural', go for Katerina, though I don't think I'd want to watch it more than once :-)

Monday, December 10, 2012

More Facts on PCOS

  • Polycystic ovarian disease atau PCOS adalah satu keadaan penyakit sistem reproduksi dimana berlaku ketidakseimbangan hormon dalam badan yang memberi kesan terhadap kitaran haid dan ovulasi.
  • Dikatakan 6-10% wanita mengalami PCOS.
  • Kajian menunjukkan 90% wanita yang mengalami haid tidak teratur mengalami PCOS dan 30% yang tidak mengalami haid langsung didapati mengidap PCOS.                  
  • Punca PCOS masih belum diketahui sepenuhnya dan penyelidikan sedang dijalankan untuk mengetahui sebab ia terjadi.
  • Antara tanda utama PCOS termasuklah tiada ovulasi, ovari yang bengkak yang mengandungi cyst-cyst kecil didalamnya dan berat badan yang berlebihan.
  • PCOS terjadi kebanyakkan pada wanita pada usia 20-30 tidak mengira kaum dan budaya. Ia juga kerap terjadi dikalangan sanak saudara tetapi bukan penyakit keturunan.
  • Ramai wanita mengalami gejala atau simtom yang berbeza diantara satu sama lain yang kadang-kadang membuatkan diagnosa secara klinikal menjadi sukar untuk dibuat.
  • Ada juga yang mempunyai simtom yang terlalu ringan seperti jerawat kecil ada juga yang mempunyai simtom yang lebih teruk seperti tumbuh bulu berlebihan pada muka dan keguguran rambut.
  • Untuk membuat diagnosa PCOS, wanita sekurang-kurangnya perlu mengalami sekurang-kurangnya 2 dari criteria berikut:
    • Haid yang tidak teratur atau tiada ovulasi
    • Tahap hormon androgen yang tinggi, atau
    • Polycystic Ovari
  • Diagnosa PCOS boleh dibuat dengan menjalani ujian darah LH/FSH pada hari kedua atau ketiga haid, ujian tahap testosterone dan imbasan ultrasound.
  • PCOS memberikan wanita lebih risiko untuk mendapat masalah infertiliti disebabkan anovulasi, kencing manis, tekanan darah dan kolesterol yang tinggi, kegemukan dan masalah kanser rahim.
  • PCOS adalah penyakit yang akan dialami seumur hidup dan setakat ini tiada ubat yang boleh mencegahnya. Jarang-jarang, ia hilang dengan sendirinya.                   
  • Rawatan bergantung kepada samada wanita berhasrat untuk hamil atau tidak. Ubatan termasuklah pil hormon dan ubat subur.
Taken from Alam Hamil.

Sukar Hamil

Mesti ramai yang tertanya, dah 3 tahun berkahwin masih tiada apa-apa ke? Mengikut fahaman ramai "apa-apa" itu obviously merujuk kepada children.. Well, lemme ask you.. setiap pasangan yang dah berkahwin dah tentu ada keinginan untuk mempunyai zuriat bukan? The same goes to me and my other half. Bukan tidak mahu, bukan merancang, tetapi masih tak ada rezeki. Tipulah kalau rasa tak sebak bila tengok anak-anak orang lain. The thing is, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS yang menyebabkan ketidaksuburan dan kesukaran untuk hamil. 

In this entry, I will share about some facts on PCOS (taken from Alam Hamil), mana la tau, isteri/adik/kakak/sepupu/kawan/sedara anda mengalami or akan mengalaminya suatu hari nanti.. tak salah kita menambahkan ilmu :-)

PCOS atau polycystic ovarian syndrome ialah keadaan yang boleh menganggu sistem peranakkan wanita dimana folikel-folikel yang terdapat didalam ovari tidak menjadi matang dan seterusnya gagal untuk mengeluarkan telur. Folikel-folikel terkumpul didalam ovari dan menjadi cysta-cysta kecil yang boleh dilihat melalui ultrasounds scan. Ia berlaku 6-10% dikalangan wanita dan di antara penyebab utama mengapa wanita gagal hamil.

Siapa yang berisiko untuk mendapat PCOS?

PCOS boleh dihadapi oleh sesiapa jua tidak bangsa tetapi umur yang kerap berlaku ialah diantara 20-30 tahun. Ia juga ada kaitan dengan faktor keturunan.

Teori punca PCOS

Setakat ini tidak diketahui bagaimana ia boleh berlaku tetapi terdapat beberapa teori yang hangat diperkatakan:

Kekurangan hormon
Ia mungkin disebabkan kekurangan hormon kerana mereka yang mengidap PCOS didapati tidak mengandungi tahap hormon yang secukupnya untuk ovulasi berlaku. Untuk berlaku ovulasi, hormon FSH dan LH mestilah berada dalam keadaan yang seimbang tetapi ia tidak berlaku pada mereka yang mengidap PCOS. Oleh yang demikian, folikel didalam ovari tidak berkembang dan gagal matang seterusnya tiada berlaku ovulasi.

Kebal kepada insulin
PCOS mungkin juga disebabkan oleh badan yang kebal kepada insulin.ini menanmbahkan lagi risiko anovulasi.

Faktor genetik
Ia mungkin disebabkan oleh penyakit keturunan kerana terdapat ramai dikalangan PCOS mempunyai keluarga yang mengidap PCOS.

Apa simtom dan tanda PCOS?

Terdapat banyak simtom dan tanda PCOS. Tetapi kebanyakkan dari wanita yang mengidap PCOS mengalami simtom yang berbeza-beza diantara satu sama lain seperti:

  • Haid yang tidak teratur
  • Tiada haid selama berbulan-bulan
  • Tiada ovulasi
  • Pertambahan berat badan yang keterlaluan
  • Tumbuh bulu lebat pada muka dan badan
  • Kencing manis
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome dan masalah kesuburan

Salah satu komplikasi yang terbesar ialah sukar hamil kerana kebanyakkan wanita ini tidak mengalami ovulasi seterusnya sukar untuk mendapatkan zuriat.

Macam-mana untuk mengetahui yang saya mengidap PCOS?

Sekiranya anda didapati sukar untuk hamil, doktor selalunya akan membuat beberapa ujian untuk memberikan diagnosa yang tepat terhadap masalah anda:

  • Ujian darah Luteinizing Hormone (LH)
  • Ujian darah Follicle Stimulating Hormone(FSH)
  • Ujian darah Progesterone/Testesterone
  • Ujian darah prolaktin
  • Ultrasound Pelvis- rahim dan ovari

Bagaimana merawat masalah ini?

Sekiranya anda didiagnosakan mempunyai PCOS, terdapat beberapa jenis rawatan yang boleh menolong anda mengurangkan simtom dan mengembalikan kesuburan anda.

Ubat subur
Ialah ubat kesuburan yang boleh menolong anda mengalami ovulasi.

Ubat perancang keluarga
Pil ini boleh mengembalikan semula hormon anda dan mengurangkan simtom seperti mengurangkan bulu yang berlebihan dan haid yang tidak teratur. Pill ini selalunya diberikan bagi mereka yang tidak bercadang untuk hamil.

Sekiranya anda mengalami PCOS dan ubat subur tidak memberikan kesan yang memuaskan, doktor anda mungkin mencadangkan prosedur yang dinamakan ovarian drilling. Ia adalah sejenis pembedahan dimana ovari akan dikorek dengan mengunakan alat yang khas.70% wanita mengalami ovulasi selepas menjalani prosedur ini.

Actually memang dah lama aku punya period tak tetap (which makes it difficult to pinpoint my best conception date or most fertile days to conceive) tapi tak sangka ada PCOS pulak. The first thing yang my gynae pesan is TO LOSE WEIGHT coz bila dapat kurangkan berat maka dapat stabilisekan hormon dalam badan. So, kalau-kalau korang ada simptom yang sama, cepat-cepatlah jumpa gynae korang - jangan pasrah tak tentu pasal. Bersyukurlah kalau korang takde masalah ni coz for some people, it ain't that easy to get pregnant. Macam-macam ikhtiar dah dilakukan dan akhirnya hanya mampu memanjatkan doa kepadaNya. Apa-apapun, aku anggap ini semua ujian dariNya and so, WE WON'T GIVE UP!

Next entry which is entah bila aku akan update pasal the efforts we have done in order to conceive/deal with this problem. Till then!

p/s: If you're trying to conceive (TTC), it's always helpful to keep track of your period cycle. Currently I'm using the P Tracker app on my Android to do so.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Unavoidable

He'll be coming whether we're ready or not.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The BBW Book Sale is back!

Sape hantu membaca, brace yourself for the annual biggest book sale - the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale!

Time: 9am - 9pm
Date: 7 - 23 Dec 2012
Venue: Mines Convention Centre

Here's the glimpse of the sale setup taken from the BBW Facebook page:

Oh boy, I'm excited! Are you? Don't miss it!!

p/s: Don't forget to bring your shopping trolley / luggage with you!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

6 Kelebihan Mandi Sebelum Subuh

Orang selalu kata kita perlu bangun awal pagi agar rezeki mudah masuk, tapi ramai tak yang tahu bahawa mandi sebelum subuh pun banyak kelebihannya? As for myself, kalau dah bangun lepas subuh (dan mandi guna heater) mana nak dapat kelebihannya kan? Tambah-tambah kalau cuti lagilah malas nak mandi, kadang-kadang tu tengahari baru nak mandi, seriously! Sila jangan contohi saya ya -.-"

(got these tips from FB btw)


Menurut kajian sains, kandungan gas ozon pada waktu pagi lebih tinggi dari waktu lain. oleh itu, gas ozon ini juga amat penting untuk tubuh badan anda. jika anda mandi sebelum waktu subuh, ia bukan sahaja membersihkan malah memberikan kesegaran dan manfaat untuk tubuh badan anda. antara manfaatnya ialah :

1. Kulit lebih lembut dan halus -
Pada waktu pagi selalunya anda akan memasang "water heater" untuk mendapatkan air yang hangat dan menghilangkan kesejukan. Selepas ini, jika anda memiliki lingkaran hitam di bawah mata, mandi menggunakan air sejuk dapat mengurangkan kegelapan pada bawah mata. Begitu juga dengan kuku, ia akan menjadi lebih sihat, kuat dan tidak mudah retak. kulit pula menjadi lebih lembut dan halus.

2. Melancarkan peredaran darah -
Jika peredaran darah anda lancar maka tubuh badan anda akan menjadi lebih sihat dan bertenaga. Malah anda juga boleh melakukan aktiviti seharian tanpa rasa letih.

3. Meningkatkan kesuburan -
Kesihatan tubuh badan manusia akan mendapat reaksi yang positif apabila anda mandi pada waktu pagi. Ia dapat meningkatkan hormon testosteron pada lelaki dan hormon estrogen untuk wanita.

4. Mengurangkan risiko darah tinggi -
Untuk anda yang memiliki penyakit darah tinggi, mungkin ini merupakan salah satu cara untuk anda mengurangkan penyakit anda. Insya ALLAH, dengan izin ALLAH, jika ia diamalkan selalu, penyakit anda akan pulih.

5. Mengurangkan tekanan serta tenang -
Air yang sejuk akan melancarkan kembali peredaran darah setelah lama berbaring. Buat anda yang mengalami depresi, inilah cara yang terbaik utk anda menghilangkannya. Oleh itu, ubahlah tabiat kepada mandi pagi sebelum subuh.

6. Meningkatkan sel darah putih -
Mandi dengan air sejuk akan meningkatkan sel darah putih di dalam tubuh badan. Apabila sel darah putih banyak, maka daya tahan penyakit dan tubuh badan boleh melawan virus. Oleh itu, anda tidak mudah untuk dijangkiti dengan sebarang penyakit.

Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal. Sekian tazkirah untuk hari Jumaat yang indah ini. Eh.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Khasiat Ayat Kursi

Kadang-kadang kita terlupa yang ayat yang paling senang inilah yang paling banyak manfaatnya. Sama-sama kita amalkan :-)

☑ Baca pada saat keluar rumah,
70000 malaikat akan menjagamu dari semua sisi.

☑ Baca saat masuk rumah,
Kemiskinan tidak akan memasuki rumahmu.

☑ Baca setelah berwudhu,

Darjatmu akan dinaikkan 70 tingkat.

☑ Baca pada saat tidur,

Malaikat akan menjagamu sepanjang malam.

☑ Baca setelah solat,

Maka jarak antara kamu dan surga hanyalah kematian.

Anyways, I hope it's still not too late to wish all my Muslim friends 'Happy Aidiladha'!

Wordless Wednesday - Same Same

Thursday, October 18, 2012

7 Things Your Quiet ESL Students Are Not Telling You

I got these useful tips from here.

Isn’t it great when we have ESL students who are very vocal about their needs?

They arrive to their first day of class, tell you all about their English-learning background and describe what they hope to accomplish. When they don’t understand, they tell you. If you’re going too fast, they ask you to slow down. If only all ESL students were like that… 

By contrast, we are sometimes met with a quiet room full of blank stares. How do you know what’s going on in their heads if they don’t say anything? If you have students who are too quiet, chances are there is something they are not telling you, which you’ll need to find out – fast!

Important Things Your Students Are Not Telling You:

  1. 1

    I’m hearing too many new words.

    Do you give your students long lists of vocabulary words or do you introduce new vocab in digestible sets of five to six words? When you give them instructions, do you use words they may not understand? Students who are too shy or don’t want to be disrespectful may not tell you they did not understand half of what you said or the story you read. Make sure you introduce new vocabulary as appropriate, i.e. before reading a story or giving instructions for a new task. Check for comprehension of the new words, and only then proceed with the task.
  2. 2

    It’s too hard for me to do this on my own. Can I work with a classmate?

    Some students are overwhelmed by an exercise or task, and would feel much more comfortable working with another student. Don’t underestimate the value of pair work or team work. Lots of students enjoy it and thrive in this type of task. Of course, not all tasks should be completed in pairs or teams. But they shouldn’t have to do everything on their own, either.
  3. 3

    Please don’t put me on the spot.

    Some students love being in the spotlight, the center of attention. Others would prefer to blend into the wallpaper. If you believe a student in particular is having a hard time with an exercise or task, or if they can’t answer a question, don’t insist in front of the entire class. Check back with the student at the end of class to make sure he/she understood.
  4. 4

    Please, be patient with me. I’m trying my best.

    You’ve probably seen this happen. A student says he/she does not understand something, and you explain. The student still does not understand, so you re-phrase and try again. The student still does not understand. Under no circumstances must we lose our patience. You try by all means possible to help the student grasp whatever it is he or she is having trouble grasping, and if they still don’t, you set a moment to talk about it, perhaps after class.
  5. 5

    I need some time to think before I answer.

    Some people don’t like long silences or pauses, and ESL teachers are no different. But sometimes students don’t answer questions as quickly as we’d like them to. The question dangles in the air, and if the student takes too long, we either answer it ourselves or ask another student to do it. Some students need time to think. Give them a few extra seconds, and then perhaps a clue or a nudge to steer them in the right direction.
  6. 6

    I don’t care about “Mr. Smith” from the book. This is boring!

    Nine out of ten times when students are bored, they are bored with the coursebook. But they might not tell you that. They are not interested in some fictional character’s conversations with his boss or family. Though we should use a coursebook in class, sometimes it’s best to adjust it and adapt it to better suit our students’ interests.
  7. 7

    I don’t understand your handwriting.

    Students take forever to copy from the board and whisper amongst themselves while they do so.You don’t know that what they are whispering is, “What does question number 2 say?” Some students struggle with your handwriting, but they won’t tell you that. Instead of guessing, it’s far easier to just ask, “Is my writing clear? Let me know if you can read it all.” Try switching from cursive to print handwriting. For longer exercises, you might want to consider giving them copies – it certainly saves time.

Let’s bear in mind that cultural differences may come into play. In some cultures students are taught to respect their teacher, and they don’t want to offend. In others, it is not accustomed for students to make eye contact with their instructor.

Students are also different throughout the world. Some are naturally talkative; others are timid and shy. Whatever the reason for your students keeping quiet, just make sure it’s not due to the ones mentioned above!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Foods That Help Fight Cancer

Been a bit quite lately, all thanks to the tonnes of exam scripts I've to mark but now that it was done and that I'm back, it's already October! Gosh, time does fly at the speed of light. Anyways, thought I'd share this valuable info I read on the Weight Watchers site recently. If you're still wondering about ways to ward off cancer through your eating habits, check it out:

Anti-Cancer Eating Plan
The following are some of the dietary recommendations from the American Cancer Society for reducing your risk of cancer:
  • Eat a variety of vegetables and fruits each day, and include vegetables and fruits at every meal and for snacks.
  • Eat smaller portions of high-calorie foods. Be aware that "low-fat" or "nonfat" does not mean "low-calorie" and that low-fat cakes, cookies, and similar foods are often high in calories.
  • When you eat away from home, choose foods low in calories, fat and sugar, and avoid large portion sizes.
  • Choose 100% juice if you drink vegetable or fruit juices.
  • Choose whole-grain rice, bread, pasta and cereals, and limit consumption of refined carbohydrates, including pastries, sweetened cereals and other high-sugar foods.
  • Choose fish, poultry or beans as an alternative to beef, pork and lamb. When you do eat meat, select lean cuts and eat smaller portions.
  • Prepare meat by baking, broiling or poaching, rather than by frying or charbroiling.
  • Limit alcohol intake to no more than 2 drinks per day for men and 1 drink a day for women. (A drink is defined as 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits.)

Besides that, they also recommend that we eat food that are rich in antioxidants like plant foods, as they do wonders in stabilizing free radicals that may damage cells and cause cancer. Sesiapa pun tak mahu kena cancer of any sort so as cliché as it may sound, you know what they say.. prevention is better than cure! It's now or never bebeh!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Failed!

Ni namanya terlebih 'bijak' huhuh

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Rempit

Kecik-kecik dah pandai ni.. isy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shila Amzah Wows Me

Actually tak tau dan tak pernah amek tau pun yang sekarang ni Shila Amzah tengah berentap dalam pertandingan nyanyian Asian Wave di Shanghai, in fact beliau terpilih dalam Top 12 untuk ke final nanti. Apapun salute kat beliau sebab berjaya memukau judges, audience and also moi dengan lagu yang super sedap ni though sepatah haram tak paham! Check it out!

p/s: Teringat first time jumpa dia kat dressing room Nichii Sunway

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Arabic Food, Anyone?

Hari tu before gerak balik kampung, kitorang singgah jalan-jalan cari makan kat Cyberjaya (niat asal nak cari Tutti Frutti sebenarnya hahahahahah) sekali pusing punya pusing sekali terberhenti dekat satu restoran Arab nama Sana'a Restaurant. Actually banyak restoran Arab kat area Cyber ni, maklumlah ramai Arabs yang mengaji belajar di MMU (konon-konon a home away from home la ni) cuma entah kenapa tergerak hati nak singgah ke restoran ni malam tu.

Memandangkan aku and hubby peminat tegar nasi arab especially yang kat Saba' Restaurant (Cyber) or Wadi Hadramawt (Jln Ampang) or Al-Rawsha (Pandan), makanan di Sana'a ni boleh dikategorikan sebagai not bad, sedap dan juga affordable. Yang paling best, maybe sebab lokasinya yang agak jauh ke dalam, membuatkan orang tak ramai so service pun dikira cepat la. Cuma please excuse the surroundings sebab it's undergoing renovation for the time being so the interior memang buruk gile - in fact tv pun ala-ala nak rosak (ini tak tipu ye). Kalau korang enjoy cheap shisha and loud Yemeni music, this is definitely the place for you.

Anyways, biasanya kalau pegi Saba' or Hadramawt, kitorang akan order either lamb kabsah, mandi chicken or lamb madghout and chicken shwarma, tapi di Sana'a kitorang decide nak try menu baru iaitu makluba chicken. Biasanya nasi arab ni is served with sambal salsa tapi di Sana'a sup pun ada - tapi bukan sup ayamlah, lamb soup tak silap. Rasa not bad and the ayam is super empuk. Yang lain dari yang lain is the potato yang dimasak sekali dengan nasi (as you can see in the pics below). Portion nasi seperti biasa, banyak dan boleh dikongsi.

Makluba chicken

Besides that, we also ordered chicken shwarma which is super sedap! Sedap dari mana-mana kedai Arab yang biasa makan.. seriously, and it only costs RM5 each! Berbaloi-baloi.

Chicken shwarma

Haruslah pegi lagi nanti! Ingat nak try menu lain - tapi chicken shwarma tu wajiblah heheheh

p/s: Berminat nak pegi? Sila Google or guna GPS ye :-)

p/p/s: Selamat Hari Malaysia!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Plainly Rude

Aku paling hangin kalau orang drive tak reti nak bagi signal ni. Hari tu aku hon sorang mamat yang tukar lane  tiba-tiba dan tak bagi signal menyebabkan aku (and maybe a few more cars behind me) had to brake suddenly. Dah la driving recklessly - cilok sana-sini. And then you know what? Dia keluarkan tangan bagi middle finger.. how rude!! 

Hello guy, why is it so hard for you to admit your own mistake? And why do you wanna put the blame on others when it was you who put our lives at risk? Apa susah sangat ke nak bagi signal bila nak masuk simpang or nak tukar lane? Apa kena bayar bil letrik ke bila bagi signal tu? For me, kalau takde kereta belakang ko, aku tak peduli pun ko nak tukar lane sesuka hati dan tak bagi signal. As long as ko tak membahayakan orang lain, takpe. Ini tak. Lepas tu nak tunjuk taiko pulak bagi middle finger. So what? Tolonglah jangan jadi selfish.. orang lain pun bayar road tax okey! Pfffttt.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

That Someone Special's Birthday

Hari tu kan.. ada orang tu kan.. sambut birthday dia yang ke 3X.. oopss TMI (harus kena buli ni nanti!) Memandangkan waktu birthday dia tu weekend, maka kami duduk melepak-lepak aje kat rumah tengok wayang. Eh. Tengok movies. Plural hokeh. Most people biasanya akan keluar waktu weekend dengan family kan? Not for us though. Those who know us well akan tau yang we simply hate going out on the weekends sebab tak suka jam, sesak dan ramai orang heheheh (hate may be a bit too strong.. disfavour?)

Anywaysss, sebab birthday boboy sorang tu (boy ke? hakhakhak), saya dengan baik hatinya telah memasak dish kegemaran beliau iaitu nasi ayam and sup ayam. Licin habis. Tak sesia masak ye?

Malamnya we had a lil celebration - just a simple one. I made chocolate lava cake using the ramekins I just bought from Daiso (for five freaking bucks each!) sebagai memecah duli, eh, meresmikan ramekins tersebut. Masak dalam ramekins je sebab dua orang je nak makan pun. Karang masak banyak-banyak takde sapa nak habiskan. Membazir je. Nak recipe kalu sila la menjengah Aida Ikmal's Kitchen yang lama tak ber-update tu ye.

Before masuk oven

The final result.. yum yum yum!

Anyways, tahun ni takde acara surprise surprise or buka-buka hadiah sebab hadiah dah dibagi awal haha boleh? My hubby ni peminat tegar Crocs dan dah lama dia dok complain the current one dia pakai tu tapaknya dah haus so saya sekali lagi dengan baik hatinya telah membelikan beliau a new pair. Saya memang suka bagi hadiah yang praktikal. Kemain suka lagi terus pakai hohohoh.. Oleh sebab dah rasmi before birthday takde lak gambarnya tapi kasutnya lebih kurang cenggini la.. 

credit to Crocs

Happy birthday, sayang! Thank you for being such a wonderful husband. I love you many many.

p/s: Actually aku pun dah dapat hadiah birthday in advance.. apa dia? Tungguuuu.. *sape yang dah tau sila hush hush okeyy heheheh*